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Why do I need a filter?

Every forced air system needs at least some basic form of filtration. Clean air for your system is like clean oil for your car. It is the one form of maintenance for your equipment that cannot be stressed enough; think of it as the ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure. In fact, ninety percent of equipment failure is linked to dirt! From a simple issue of a dirty limit switch to a costly frozen air conditioning system, a filter can separate you from a lot of costly repairs.

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What types of air filtration can I put on my system?

There are five basic types of air filtration system, each rated on a system of Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR. Starting from the most basic to the most advanced there are 1” basic filters, 1” pleated filters, 5” pleated filters, whole-house air cleaners, and finally the ultra efficiency air purifiers. All types of filtration will take protect your mechanical system, but as you go up in CADR the system begins to remove more pollutants such as pollen, bacteria, diesel soot, animal dander, skin flakes, mold, and even flu viruses such as swine flue and flu strains A and B.

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What do the more advanced air purification systems do for my home?

Did you know that the EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five risks to the health of you and your family? Worse yet, children, who are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution, breathe half again as much air per pound of body weight then adults. The advanced purification systems are designed to remove these pollutants in your home down to as little as 0.1 microns. To illustrate how small 0.1 micron is, you could fit twenty million such particles in a period at the end of a sentence! The most advanced systems can even take the flu virus out of the air! Call us today or click here to see what QCC can do for your home!

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Customer Testimonials

Here are some customer comments regarding QCC's on-the-job performance:

"[A technician] talked me through the furnace & thermostat wiring over the phone. Another [company] said they'd get back to me and didn't, and a third [company] told me my furnace was too old to have the fan run separately without even seeing it! He was wrong and I'm glad I didn't listen!" - Denver, CO

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