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Quality Climate Control - Denver, Colorado

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At Quality Climate Control we may offer the best service, design, and installation of heating systems, but when it comes to something like auto mechanics, we are clueless! Therefore we understand the impact that costly and unnecessary repairs or modifications can do to our budget. We sympathize with our commercial clients as to unexpected repairs and, what is more, understand that you are looking for a contractor who can get to the bottom of things quickly with as little cost as possible. Our NATE certified technicians are experts at getting to the source of your heating repair quickly in order to determine the most economical and long-lasting solution for your building – the first time! Call us today or click here to speak to a service expert!

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What can the correct heating system do for my revenue?

Did you know that employee productivity is directly linked to comfort in the work place? Look at what a study done by Cornell University in 2004 had to say: “When an insurance company in Florida raised the temperature of the room used by their data entry personnel from 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C) their keystroke productivity increased by 150% while the error rate dropped 44%. In financial terms, this amounted to an increase of $2/hour per worker.-” At QCC, we can help you reach a better, more efficient productivity level to increase your bottom line. Call us today or click here to learn more!

Sources: Cornell University. 2004. "Study links warm offices to fewer typing errors and higher productivity." Cornell news release. Oct. 19.

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Lowering your energy bills

For starters, QCC has an energy analysis program that will provide you with a detailed report of the sizing and efficiency of your system and associated distribution system (ductwork, baseboards, radiators, etc.) The report will let you know what actions will give you the greatest return from adding some insulation all the way to replacing your current heating system. No matter which way you go, QCC will also assist you in taking advantage of many rebates available from manufacturers, energy companies, and the federal government designed to help you make your heating system efficient and comfortable with less impact on the environment. Want to know more? Call us or click here!

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The ounce of prevention for the pound of cure

Did you know that 90% of all heating system breakdowns are simply due to dirt? At Quality Climate Control we take maintenance seriously. Our NATE certified technicians will spend an hour to an hour and a half performing a complete cleaning and 15-point safety and function inspection on your heating system to insure it is in top shape for the winter. That’s not even the best part! Annual commercial maintenance pays for itself in energy and repair savings in almost all cases! Once the maintenance is complete the report is then surveyed by our head of service and then turned over to you for your records! Does your heating system need attention? We can help!

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If I want to upgrade or replace my existing system, how can QCC help me choose the right system for our building?

If repair is not an option and replacement is necessary, or you are simply looking to upgrade your outdated system, QCC can also help you retrofit your existing heating system. We can completely handle the design as well as installation, including LEED certified projects! We have a full line of expertise including not only the engineering, but also a strong contractor background that will be able to identify the best solution for YOUR BUILDING. Call us today or click here to speak with a design expert!

Sources: Cornell University; AP; The Ergonomics Report

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Customer Testimonials

Here are some customer comments regarding QCC's on-the-job performance:

"[A technician] talked me through the furnace & thermostat wiring over the phone. Another [company] said they'd get back to me and didn't, and a third [company] told me my furnace was too old to have the fan run separately without even seeing it! He was wrong and I'm glad I didn't listen!" - Denver, CO

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